Resolution Expertise

DRM is uniquely suited to the challenge of resolving complex insurance claim disputes. DRM has represented dozens of respected clients throughout the world and in a wide-range of industries.

The background and extensive experience of DRM's professionals in our multiple locations allow us to provide clients with the following skills, experience, and resources:


  Creativity and success in the economical and efficient discovery of lost historical policies.
  Hands-on knowledge of the risk exposure analysis that drives the insurers' evaluation of claims.
  Working experience with the complete range of cost elements associated with remediation; thorough quantification of claims and potential damage.
  Command of the available approaches to understanding, measuring, and presenting future risks without adversely impacting other corporate processes.
  Industry standard risk exposure modeling utilizing a complex software program, Focus, that can replicate insurer computer analysis of settlement criteria.
  Understanding of the emerging insurance claim issues in Canada.
  Familiarity with the full range of issues affecting settlement, including internal claim policy positions within major carriers, claim payment authority layering problems, and the effect of interrelating reinsurance treaties upon the claims process.
  Skill and patience in the "back-and-forth" negotiating techniques practiced in most insurance companies.
  Experience in evaluating the present value and benefit of settlement offers.
  Understanding of settlement related issues, including approaches to evaluating policy buy-back alternatives.
  Access to the world's largest policy archives for Lloyd's and London market insurance policies.
  Knowledge of the related policy drafting and underwriting histories of the North American and London insurance markets.
  Appreciation of the effect of claims from the perspective of those who must continue to go into the market and purchase insurance, and success in crafting an approach that is acceptable to corporate risk managers.
  Experience in meeting the submission and documentation requirements of major insurance claims departments, including Lloyd's and the London market.
  Understanding of the emerging issues at Lloyd's, including Equitas.