Risk Modeling Tools

DRM's proprietary software program, Focus, levels the playing field for negotiations with insurance carriers. Insurance companies have long relied up on computer-based risk modeling and allocation programs to develop desired settlement criteria. Focus replicates the insurer's computer analysis and provides a two-tiered probability structure for potential allocation and settlement.

Just as archaeology and claim research establish the foundation of a successful settlement, Focus is the heart of developing accurate settlement projections.

Focus helps DRM professionals register, manage, summarize and analyze the numerous individual details involved in complex insurance claim settlements. The Focus computer program tracks policies, claims, risk exposures, and cost information. Focus performs the calculations needed to appropriately allocate the costs to various insurance carriers and also executes accurate modeling and targeting functions needed for efficient resolution of insurance claims.

DRM Focus brings the advantages of automation to DRM for the ultimate benefit of DRM clients. Embedded in the proprietary software are critical processes borne out of the company's collective experience with insurance dispute resolution. Focus ensures the accuracy of DRM's analytical approach. Errors are reduced. Changes are easily made. Costs are allocated correctly and automatically.

Focus parallels the allocation and assessment process of software used by major insurers in the development of their desired settlement criteria. Thus through the use of Focus and the application of DRM experience, we are able to accurately predict various insurance companies' valuations of claims.

Focus is a complex proprietary program offering multiple functions to DRM professionals. Data pertinent to clients' insurance claims are entered in to Focus as they are discovered. Historical damages, current costs and future risks are quantified and correlated. The program then generates various charts and tables to assist DRM professionals in assessing and presenting clients' claims.

Since charts can be produced as soon as policies are entered, gaps in coverage quickly become obvious. Further policy archeology efforts can then be directed where they are most needed.

Focus performs the horizontal and vertical allocation of claim damages, costs and risks among the various insurers automatically. This process overcomes the mathematical challenge of manually allocating among carriers on the risk. Focus can develop multiple allocation structures in less time than it takes to develop a single allocation theory manually. Focus greatly reduces the chance of error and expedites the entire claim construction and allocation process.

The Focus software system is a keystone element of the DRM process. It safeguards fair and reliable results for both DRM clients and their insurance carriers. expert system software is a keystone element of the DRM process. It safeguards fair and reliable results for both DRM clients and their insurance carriers.