Global Presence - Local Expertise

In today's global economy, mergers and acquisitions have extended many companies beyond their respective countries' borders. DRM possesses the skills, capacity, and resources necessary to provide our global clients with local representation and expertise. We also possess a full understanding of the many regional influences affecting insurance claim settlement throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Understanding the Foreign Claim Context

DRM has extensive experience in working with Canadian, French, German, Italian, and other policy forms. Staffed with multilingual and seasoned claim teams, DRM has worked on complex claim settlements that involved dozens of policy limit currency conversions, interpretation of foreign-language policies, understanding of international environmental precedents, and negotiation with international claim adjusters.

Foreign Archives

Common to almost any policy holder's coverage chart is Lloyd's or London market insurance coverages, sometimes representing vast amounts of an insured's total coverage. Working in conjunction with affiliates who manage the world's largest collection of historical coverage records (over 60 linear miles of historical insurance policy information) gives us special access to historical Lloyd's, London market, and European insurance policy archives. Whereas huge amounts of time and resources are typically spent in search of historical Lloyd's and London market policies, DRM clients are able to realize significant time and cost savings through our established network.

Recovery From London Market Insolvents

Insureds who have ventured down the road to recovery from the insolvent London market have discovered that it is an abyss of technicalities and paperwork, often yielding more frustration than money. Yet in many cases, the amount of money represented by the insolvent insurers is quite significant. DRM works to offer a cost-effective and time-efficient method of recovering money available from the London Market insolvent and nonparticipating solvent insurers.

Once recovery has been made from London, we compile the information necessary to pursue recovery from the remaining insurers. DRM then processes the information with the insurers in the manner that is necessary to effectuate the available recovery. Because DRM is versed in the insolvent recovery mechanism, the claim is smoothly shepherded through the process without the need for significant time and effort on the part of the insured.