Our Comprehensive Services

For years, companies have relied on Dispute Resolution Management for help with resolving many types of complex insurance claims. Our clients have trusted us with their claims because of our history of successful settlements, our highly experienced settlement teams, our industry-leading tools, and our proven methods.

Clients have benefited from their association with DRM because of the comprehensive services we provide. This comprehensive service approach means that DRM will help our clients through the whole settlement process from policy archaeology to negotiation and settlement. These services include data gathering and analysis, negotiation and settlement, and many other valuable deliverables.

DRM assigns an experienced claim management team to help each client through the entire settlement process. Since the same team is involved in all aspects of the work-up and settlement, the people that negotiate with the target insurers are intimately familiar with the client and their claims. Generally, there is no effort wasted while handing off work from one team to another.