DRM's Unique Approach

Companies generally have two choices when faced with making a claim on insurance policies: negotiate or litigate. Our position as an advocate for the policyholder is to maximize the insurance claim asset with a comprehensive insurance resolution strategy that ends in a settlement resolution via negotiation. DRM's creative team approach to insurance recovery is efficient as well as effective. DRM has developed a structured methodology to achieve resolution in many areas such as long-tail and latent environmental, product liability, business interruption, and other claims. This approach has been successful in hundreds of complex claim settlements, providing over $450 million bottom-line dollars for our clients.

DRM's strategic approach is to present insurers with the necessary claim documentation in order to come to resolution through negotiation and settlement rather than resorting to litigation. This approach gives our clients a quicker resolution and optimal fee structure while preserving favorable relationships with insurers. We maintain positive insurer relationships because rather than focusing on litigation, we focus upon areas of mutual agreement and work toward compromises that bring parties together.