Negotiation & Settlement

The DRM process provides the necessary information for successful settlement negotiation. However, information is only one tool that can be leveraged to successfully achieve the goals and objectives of our clients. The ultimate values that DRM offers are: (1) our knowledge of the insurers' procedures and needs; (2) our history of successfully concluding claims negotiations; and (3) our commitment to business-oriented solutions in lieu of litigation to conclusion.

DRM believes strongly in active client participation during claim settlement negotiations. Building upon the information constructed during the DRM work-up, we prepare a full presentation for each client that includes policy coverage, site identification and costs, future risk analysis, recommended allocation, and targets. With this information, we work with our client to develop a plan for claim presentation and negotiation that is consistent with, and sensitive to, the economic, political, and social values of our client.

With client approval, DRM typically presents the claim to insurers at their home offices to encourage senior level participation. Each two or three hour presentation is customized to fit the particular circumstances of the insurer and the applicable coverage.

After the initial presentations, DRM represents our client throughout the various phases of negotiation and also acts as an intermediary for the exchange of information and settlement discussions. Once an agreement has been reached, DRM assists in finalizing the settlement through formal documentation.