Areas of Resolution Expertise

Dispute Resolution Management specializes in the settlement of many types of complex disputes and insurance claims, including:

  Environmental Claims DRM can achieve significant insurance recovery for historical environmental damages and potential future risks. DRM professionals locate, review, and analyze our client's historical insurance coverages, quantify past liabilities and future risks, allocate responsibility among appropriate insurers and then negotiate with each insurer for acceptable settlement terms and conditions.
  Asbestos Claims


  Product Liability Claims In today's litigious society, product liability problems abound and insurance coverage is a critical component of standard commercial general liability policies. DRM is uniquely qualified to pursue solutions and coverage for product liability claims by assessing liability patterns, creating allocation and analytical models, reviewing and assessing our clients' corporate insurance coverage(s), evaluating and quantifying the range of potential risk and negotiating settlement with affected carriers and stakeholders.
  Bodily Injury Claims  
  Business Interruption Corporations often have special Business Insurance endorsements to cover certain economic losses resulting from partial or total suspension of business operations. DRM professionals can assist in evaluating coverage for business interruption losses, assessing the value of business interruption claims, and negotiating settlements with responsible insurers.
  First Party Property  
  Insolvent Carriers Contrary to popular belief, many of the insolvent insurers still have some assets; they are considered "insolvent" only because their expected liabilities are greater than their existing assets. These insolvent insurers continue paying out funds on claims, albeit not at full claim value. DRM professionals possess the knowledge, practical experience and strategic alliances necessary to pursue claims with national and international insurers who have become difficult to contact or trace through events such as corporate mergers, name changes, dissolutions or insolvency proceedings.
  Other Large-Scale Resolutions