Policy Archaeology and Review

The ability to allocate claim values to insurance policies requires an understanding of policy form language and the underlying historical damages and future risks. DRM establishes the foundation of a successful settlement through archaeology and claims research.

DRM's unique and highly specialized insurance archaeology process is designed to fill gaps in coverage or identify coverage for specific years in which the client has incurred liabilities. We locate historical insurance policies and develop insurance profiles that span our client's corporate history. Where a company has merged with or acquired other companies, we often can find policies issued to predecessor companies. Working in conjunction with affiliates who manage the world's largest collection of historical coverage records gives us special access to historical Lloyd's and London market policy archives.

Once the initial insurance policy research is complete, we index, analyze, and prioritize the coverage with respect to the best recovery strategy. Our policy review focuses upon language that may affect recovery. In particular, we study applicable limits, triggers of coverage, conditions to coverage, and exclusions in the policy language. The product of our policy archaeology and analysis is an annotated coverage chart that gives our client the full picture of its insurance history.